Do you remember when was the last time you went to a presentation and came back impressed by the slides? It has been fashionable these days to speak ill about PowerPoint. However, most on-screen presentations have been known to make audiences bored with an assault of one bullet-pointed paragraph of words after another. It has been held true that the people who like to trash PowerPoint would often create various mind-numbing programs themselves. These people would claim that it is not their fault, as their bosses would make them produce slides that turn brains to butter.

Bullet points on the verge of extinction

However, businesspeople have been pretty much stuck with PowerPoint presently and most certainly would be for the near future. Few pioneers out there have been trying to change the ways people use slides to convey information or convince others to see things their way. Therefore, even though PowerPoint has been still very much alive, it is believed that bullet points, as knowledge builders would be condemned. However, some designers at the cutting edge have been trying new forms and structures.

PPT – An effective communication tool

Several people have realized that PowerPoint presentations have become an effective communication tools and not merely speaker notes. You would be able to produce presentations that would be interesting along with forcing people to think about what you are saying in a manner that all audiences could relate to easily.

Minimalist presentation approach

You might be aware of minimalist presentation design approach, which created a buzz couple of years ago. It has been interesting and definitely worth getting up to speed on it, provided you have been in the presentation business.

The problem you might have with this kind of approach is that while the followers have been considering it minimalist, as there has been usually no more than one word or image on the screen at a time, virtually every word in the narrative would be projected. Therefore, with little practice, the presenter would simply deliver a completely pre-written script. It would be interesting to watch along with holding your attention throughout the presentation. However, rather than putting the presenter at the centre of the process, the result has been that attention of approximately 99% of the audience would be drawn to the screen.

Slides appear cleaner without bullet points

Some time ago, bullet points were known to set off a huge group of words from another huge group. Consequently, they do not make any sense when you do what you should do and never have more than a few words on each line. The line itself would set off one point from the next. Therefore, if you have been using PowerPoint properly, with intent to lead the audience where you are going and key you to what you are going to say, bullets have become superfluous. Consequently, the bonus would be your slides appearing much cleaner without them.

In case, you have been contemplating on providing the audience with a suitable PPT presentation, your best bet would be to hire a professional Powerpoint presentation designer.