An automated laundry rack is the ultimate clothes dryer that pampers your luxury lifestyle saving your money, time, energy and above all, saves your clothes.  This can easily be achieved using ceiling mounted drying racks.

The laundry rack rises above fashion and because of the sheer usefulness, it is all of fabulous, cool and awesome. Of course, laundry dries at different speeds. Some things dry faster than others, polyester items and light cottons dry faster than heavy towels. Can you imagine the hassle if you had to open the door of your tumble dryer everytime to remove light items so the heavy ones could be further dried? Using an automated laundry rack, faster drying items can be removed when dry, creating more room for extra laundry. The clothes drying cycle is not only natural, it is also an economic use of drying space.

Made of quality materials designed to save space, and accommodate as much as possible, it has the following functions among others:

  1. Wireless Remote Control

An automated rack includes a wireless remote control system, which is more and more welcomed by each family for it is energy saving and time saving. It is the best choice for families, as it can be operated by almost everyone. It makes the appliance extremely easy and effortless to use, this is the major plus point of the system.  With the press of a button to lower and lift the poles effortlessly, heavy clothes can be dried with no difficulty at all.

  1. Effective drying system

Most automated laundry system consists of 2 fans which blows hot air to dry clothes faster, and it will auto-off about one hour after, so no worries if you forgot to turn it off when you leave home. Increasing drying rate by 60%. Also, it consists of a high efficiency ultraviolet lamp, which is useful for effectively eliminating more than 99% of bacteria, caring for the family’s health.

  1. Safe system

The most important thing to consider, when families with young kids are thinking of purchasing any appliance is the safety mechanism. The system lowers the poles at a steady speed and when it encounters obstacle, it will halt immediately. Likewise, built-in LED lights lets you navigate in dimly lit areas. It is a must-have for people who does laundry at night.

The laundry rack presents such versatility that makes it useful for everyone, be it old people or youngsters. Using a natural drying system extends the life of your clothes and it only keeps getting better.