Free Photography Bundle ($180 value): PS actions, LR presets, photograph overlays, & publish templates! Get it here. Fall is a favorite season for many photographers because of the beautiful colors of the changing foliage and leaves. If you enjoy landscape and landscape photography fall is a excellent time of year. As you process your own autumn photos it’s likely to boost the colors in Lightroom to have a better appearance. If you are shooting in RAW files your images are very likely to look a little flat straight from their camera, so a few adjustments in Lightroom are most likely to be needed. If you love landscape photography please make certain to take a look at our sister website Loaded Landscapes. In this tutorial we’ll walk through the procedure for editing a sample photo. I’ve selected this specific photo because it features the reds, reds, and yellows that are common with fall landscape photographs, also it features a lot of green foliage as well. The Autumn Effect Lightroom Presets en end result is that a photograph has much more life in comparison with the boring and horizontal photo that we began with. Here’s a look at the before and after photos. Before:After:Step 1: Adjust ContrastThe first thing I’ll do to this photo is boost the comparison. Step 2: Adjust Highlights, Shadows, Whites, and BlacksFor the next step I Will apply the following configurations: highlights -55, shadows +80, whites +15, blacks -25. Step 3: Adjust ClarityThe third measure is to boost clarity to +20. Step 4: Boost Autumn ColorsThe final modification we will make for this sample photo would be to give a small boost to the autumn colors in the HSL settings: reddish saturation +20, orange hardness +40, yellowish saturation +30, green saturation +10, reddish luminance -10, orange luminance -15, along with yellow luminance -15. At this time my photo looks like this:based on the photo which you are working with you also need to adjust some other settings like exposure, and perhaps white balance.