Beauty schools are very popular institutions where both men and women go in order to attain a degree or an education. There are many different courses that these institutions offer for their students and these are commonly, cosmetology, esthetics and makeup.


Cosmetology covers a lot of courses that are readily available for interested parties. Most of the beauty schools offer hair cleansing, styling and cutting, coloring, basic makeup and basic skin care. Hair cleansing involves the different techniques and styles that stylists employ to clean hair and prepare it for styling and other procedures. The reactions and interactions of the various products with hair of different types are also taught during this course. Styling and cutting hair is also another course that is taught under cosmetology. Students are taught the basics as well as other techniques and methods to achieve the preferences of their clients. They are also taught to know which cuts and styles suit the different kinds of hair of the clients. In the coloring course, participants are taught how to properly apply and mix the various colors available for coloring hair. The use of the many different tools used for coloring is also part of the lessons that are taught in these institutions. The basics of applying makeup are also another course that is very popular in beauty schools. Students under this course are taught which colors go well together as well as how to apply flawless makeup in order to achieve the desires of their clients. In some makeup classes, basic skin care is also taught while in other classes there may actually be specific courses dedicated to skin care. This is an important aspect of the entire program because it covers the client’s entire body. Another reason why it is important is because of the possible retail market that many salons have for some of the products they use and sell.

Makeup Artistry

The basics of makeup application are usually taught in most cosmetology programs but there are also times when some beauty schools actually offer a separate program for makeup artistry. This may be because the course is made up of a lot of aspects, such as complementing colors, the correct application of makeup, creation of makeup themes for fashion and other media outlets and nail art for hands and feet.

This is a field that involves beauty and skin care regimens that are aimed at delivery through spas, dermatologists’ clinics and at a cosmetic or reconstructive surgeons’ clinic. Basic and extensive courses for body treatments for spa uses are among the primary lessons taught in the Makeup Course. It can also include facials, waxing, manicures, pedicures and the use of various implements to achieve the desires of the client and a pleasing effect.

These are just a few of the Makeup Course that are usually offered in beauty schools. The different career options that these institutions can offer their students are varied and have high employment and business opportunities that can help the students.