When you measure body fat, you are doing something great for yourself and your future! Obesity statistics claim that the majority of the world’s population is obese, and that is especially true in the USA. When you measure your body fat, you are having a realistic idea of how much weight you have to lose. Understanding that number is the first step toward making the lifestyle changes that will get you off that list of obesity statistics and get you on the right track for health!

Have you ever looked at a height-weight table? These usually offer you a number that is supposed to be your ideal body weight. However, these are very unreliable, as they don’t take into consideration your activity level or other areas of your body. They do not give you an idea of what your body fat is!

Figuring out your Body Mass Index is a little more accurate, but still lacks in some important aspects. Your body mass index aims to measure body fat by using a formula based on your weight and height. However, this does not take into consideration the differences in our bodies! An athlete, for example, would not have an accurate BMI by using this formula. The same holds for growing teenagers and more mature adults who live an exercise-free lifestyle.

Calculating your body fat by measuring girth is also deceptive, and for the same reasons detailed above. Using a simple tape measure might sound like a good option, but it does not take into consideration your body frame or your lifestyle. So how can you measure your body fat and know it is accurate?

There are now body fat scales available in the market that is effective to calculate body fat percentages. The key is choosing a scale from a reliable brand like Omron that uses an equation suitable for your body. It can be done, however! And once you do get a body fat scale for you, testing yourself will be more straightforward than you ever dreamed.

If you want the absolute gold standard to measure body fat, the “water test” is your best option. Hydrostatic or underwater weighing is obtainable at high-end fitness centers. With this method, you will be weighed while in water, which means only your body fat composition affects the result of the test. It is highly accurate!

Whatever choice you make to measure body fat, always remember that staying healthy is an essential thing. Maintaining a healthy diet, working out on a regular basis and focusing on what your body is trying to tell you are the most effective ways to beat those obesity statistics and come out on top of the weight loss game!