In selecting the best eye cream you need to be careful and know what you should look for in such a product. Before you actually purchase a specific product make sure that you have a clear understanding of the problems around your eyes that you want to address using the cream. For example you might want a cream to target one or more of the following common issues that men and women face:

– Puffiness

– Fine lines and wrinkles (crow’s feet)

– Dark circles

– Bags under the eyes

There are many creams designed to address issues that are mentioned above while others are not intended for these purposes. Moisturizers for the face are not meant or even intended to be used around the delicate eye area. The reason for this is because the ingredients are too strong for that area of the face and are quickly and easily absorbed into the skin. Although it is easy to be somewhat overwhelmed by the array of different skincare products there is no need to be. All you have to do is decide what your basic needs are and then choose a suitable product to address those needs.

When you have made your choice regarding the best eye cream for you be sure to know exactly how to apply it. Creams designed for use around the eyes must always be applied to the lower lid only, never the top. They can be applied along the outer corner as well to address the fine lines that we commonly refer to as crow’s feet. It is important not to rub the skin around the eyes or pull on it for any reason if you wish to avoid further damage.

Understanding basic eye concerns

* Puffy Eyes

Very often this problem results because of fluid retention although allergies are also major contributing factors. The fluid retention happens when fluid actually accumulates under the eyes while you are sleeping. The good news is that this is not a permanent condition and it will pass. If you struggle with allergies or have sinus problems you might find that you experience more puffy eyes than normal. Aside from using a suitable cream there are other steps you can take to prevent puffy eyes. For example you can try to sleep on your back and elevate your head. Rather than choosing a cream for this issue you might prefer to use an eye gel because it not only dries faster but it will not add to the puffiness the way that creams can due to the fact that they contain extra moisturizer.

* Bags Under the Eyes

Although these can be confused with puffy eyes they are really not the same thing. Because of this they require a different treatment. Baggy eyes occur when there is a build up of fat in the eye region causing the septum to weaken and a droopy look to result. The septum is what surrounds the eyeball socket. To treat this common problem you will need a gel or a cream that enhances elasticity but it is important to understand that they will not fix the problem. The problem of baggy eyes can really only be fully eliminated with the aid of plastic surgery but the creams and gels can help to reduce the overall appearance of the bags.

* Dark Circles Around the Eyes

This can be caused by many different things:

o Pigmentation

o Blood vessels that are enlarged

o Dehydration

o Fatigue

o Too much exposure to the sun

o The aging process

o Thyroid issues

o Menopause

As we age the skin around and below our eyes actually becomes ever more delicate and the veins tend to become more prominent. If pigmentation is the cause you must bear in mind that this is a hereditary factor and your dermatologist will be able to recommend a cream that will help to lighten that area. Any best eye cream used for this issue has to be one that offers adequate sun-protection so that the pigmentation is not worsened.

* Fine Lines and Wrinkles (Crow’s Feet)

Usually these appear at the outer corners of the eyes and are sometimes referred to as laugh lines. These lines are common in this region of the face because:

a) There are fewer oil glands

b) Our eyes bear the brunt of most of our facial expressions

Another cause for these wrinkles and lines is smoking. It is common knowledge that smoking causes the skin to dry out and when the skin is dry it is more prone to wrinkles. Using best eye cream in this area for this purpose will help to keep the area more supple so the lines and creases will not be quite as noticeable.