Did you know that you could actually make money by just driving around with an advertisement on your car? Car advertising has been in existence for quite some time now. So advertising has also changed over the years. The advancement in technology has transformed traditional marketing and introduced digital marketing. But most companies have made a fortune by combining the two. Here is a deep look at these two forms of advertising and the importance of combining them.

Multiple channels

Car advertising companies that utilize traditional and digital marketing are always able to spread their message across many different channels. Everyone can have access to different kinds of media. However, a younger audience is more likely to be digitally savvy. So using both forms of advertising means the company will be able to reach out to different audiences. McDonald’s is one good example of a company that uses multiple channels to reach out to its customers.

Active and passive

Traditional advertising is normally passive as digital advertising is active since it actively engages the audience. When it comes to car advertising, these two principles can work together. You understand that television and print advertisement can disseminate information. They also prompt the audience to look for more information on a website. A good example of a company that has made use of these two forms of marketing is the Coca-Cola company. The company introduced online bonuses to its customers and then came up with the “Share a Coke” campaign where you could find names on the bottle.

More personal

Traditional media can reach a broad customer base. Digital media, on the other hand, reach out to specific people. So digital can build relationships. For example, there are companies that still send out monthly catalogs that point back to the official website of the company.