Asthma is a chronic condition that has been around for centuries. Asthma sufferers exist all over the world and in every age group. This prevalence of people with asthma has created a persistent need for effective asthma treatments. There have been asthma medications and inhalers around for years that have provided long term and short term relief for people with asthma. However, what are the most recent advancements in asthma treatments? Read on to find out.

Following are a list of cutting edge techniques that have proven successful when treating asthma.

Inhaled corticosteroids have been used in the past; however, they have been enhanced to provide better relief. The purpose of inhaled corticosteroids is to provide anti-inflammatory medication that decreases the amount of mucus and swelling in your airways. This asthma treatment has also been shown to reduce the chance to an overreaction to asthma triggers. While this asthma treatment has been effective, researchers are testing newer inhaled corticosteroid drugs that will be much more accurate in their effectiveness.

Another cutting edge asthma technique is to combine inhaled corticosteroids with a long-acting bronchodilator. An example of this asthma treatment is Advair. Advair has been highly advertised on television so you may be familiar with the name. Advair contains a combination of fluticasone and salmeterol. Similar products are expected to hit the market in the near future.

Asthma researchers are also focusing on making treatments more user friendly. For example, metered-dose inhalers can sometimes be tricky to use, especially with children. It can be difficult to hold the canister properly. Therefore, products such as the Autohaler can be used. This asthma treatment is breath activated which is a much simpler process. Extensive research in this asthma treatment area is being conducted so look for new products in the coming years.

The environment has become a big issue in recent years. Manufacturers are looking for ways to use environmentally friendly products and go green. Asthma treatments have taken part in this trend. For example, asthma inhalers have been modified so they don’t harm the ozone layer as much as previous versions.

Asthma researchers are also focusing on controlling asthma at its source. Meaning they strive to find ways to block the immune system’s response that causes airway constriction and asthma symptoms. They are studying the immune system functions at a cellular level to figure out how to stop the asthma process dead in its tracks.

Another recent research development has to do with genetics. Researchers want to identify the gene or genes that play a role in asthma. They want to find out which genes cause people to have asthma. They want to take his information and create ways to vaccinate a person against asthma. This type of research will take years to complete, but is exciting news for any asthma sufferer.

How can you help with this emerging research on asthma treatment? Simple, become a clinical trial volunteer. In a clinical trial all your doctors tests and medications are free of charge. You may even be paid for your time. It is a great way to not only help your asthma, but to help future asthma sufferers as well.