TENS therapy or Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation therapy is one of the alternative ways to combat pain. It uses mild electrical impulses to treat chronic and short term pain in general. Most patients who are into pain are recommended to try this method as an alternative to drugs. Tens machine has been already prescribed by doctors as safe and effective remedy for pain management system for decades. This method stimulates nerves and blocks the pain gate system of the body before it can reach the brain. Moreover, this particular therapy is popular among elderly patients who experience severe side effects of strong drugs. On the other hand, when these mild electrical impulses hit the affected area, patients will experience relief.

Most people are curious about taking the chance to receive TENS therapy. The sensation generated by the machine is relaxing rather than painful and the ongoing use for electric stimulation is generally low. In the event when the machine is adjusted on a high level, patient will only experience a very mild discomfort in the form of muscle tension. The sensation is almost the same when one is receiving hard pressure during a massage. In case this particular sensation arises, the therapist should adjust the settings properly

Since the impulses hikes up and down, patients will gradually adjust to it after some relaxing sessions. In the event when patients still cannot adjust to the impulses generated by the machine, they can request their therapist for lower setting. The responsibility of the therapist is to make sure that the desirable setting is achieved and the comfort of the patients is improved. A good therapist should once in a while check the condition of the patients during and after the entire procedure. The therapist should ensure that the setting is set pursuant to the patient’s ability to tolerate.

TENS for pain management was used during the early times. The first machine was patented in America in 1974. It was first used to test the tolerance of chronic discomfort for cancer patients before electrodes are implanted in the spinal cord. With this procedure, many patients experienced high relief and they had never gone for implantation anymore.

Success rate is generally high with the use of tens machine for pain management. Many patients experience great relief after a couple of sessions. On the other hand, Patients use the machine throughout the day with average pulse frequency from 80 to 100 impulses. People suffering from back pain and many types and causes of pain will receive high advantage when this therapy is used.