Is Netflix your favorite pass-time after a long tiring day? Well, for movie buffs, the online entertainment hub is no less than a blessing. The good thing is that Netflix now allows users to save videos as well- but then, there are certain limitations. First, you will need the app to download and worse, not all movies are downloadable from the site. But nothing to freak out- you have Movavi Screen Recorder today. It’s a powerful screen recording program which will enable you to download Netflix videos without any such restrictions.

The post below offers a brief on how easily you can download your favorite Netflix titles with Movavi Screen Recorder.

Step 1

First, you will have to download & install Movavi Screen Recorder in your computer.

Step 2

Then, locate your desired Netflix video & launch the video recorder. Now, manually draw capture frame over the video on Netflix site. If you want a readymade capture area, click on Capture Area roster to select from the presets.

Step 3

Now, we will record the video.

Click on REC tab to begin the recording. But before you play the video, wait for 3 seconds. Then, start playing the video and immediately the Movavi program will begin the recording process. Movavi users have got 3 buttons to control the recording process- Pause, Stop and Cancel. After the recording is over, just click on the Stop tab to end the process.

 You can also use hotkeys to control the recording process from your keyboard.

Hotkeys for Windows users:

  • F9- pause/resume
  • F10- stop capturing

Hotkeys for Mac users-

  • ⌥⌘ 1 – pause/resume
  • ⌥⌘ 2- stop capturing

Step 4

We have reached to the final part of the recording process. Your recorded video will be saved in MKV format by default. If you want to change the format, just go to Save As & open the Export box. It will allow you to select your desired file format. Choose the format you want & click on Save to start the conversion. The video will be converted and automatically saved in the selected format.

Features of Movavi Screen Recorder

  • Able to capture any kind of video from computer screen & internet
  • Able to capture sound from input & output devices
  • Able to convert recording in any format without loss of quality

Useful tip for users

If you are too packed to sit before the computer during the recording process- don’t worry. The Movavi Screen Recorder is powered by an in-built timer. You will find an alarm clock symbol on the Movavi timeline. Just click on it and it will activate the timer. You will be asked to set the preferred recording duration. Once you do it, the Movavi program will start the recording and stop it automatically once the timer reaches its climax.