the importance of a surveillance camera cannot be undermined. Surveillance cameras are designed primarily for a purpose- security, and over the years, since the invention of surveillance camera technology, it has really done far more good than harms. Let’s take, for example, if the USA or Chinese government or any other developed country should deactivate all surveillance camera for an hour, we should be able to imagine what will likely happen on the streets.

Even with a surveillance camera, there are infiltrations everywhere, so, what if there isn’t anyone?

over the years, surveillance cameras have helped protect our properties, friends, families, employees and the citizens of an entire nation. It has proved to have crime cost benefits. Although all technological inventions have one or two cost benefits, surveillance camera has significantly proved to be a cost-effective way to deter, reduce and document crimes. It has really helped in crime investigation. Helped set free the innocent and punish the evil doers.

Imagine if there were no surveillance camera for tracking criminals, how much would the US government be spending yearly on crime investigations? Certainly, billions of dollars! In the US four dollars for every dollar spent on surveillance technology is saved in the long-run. Isn’t that efficient enough?

Surveillance cameras are not only installed in homes and streets, they are installed for observational purpose in industrial plants, in premises of banks, malls and other places to avert any sort of security breach. Surveillance cameras are also used in hospitals, prisons, and psychiatric homes to monitor the general behavior of patients.

Finally, surveillance cameras are widely used in geographical assessments, to study depositions and geologic formation. In wildlife conservation, surveillance cameras are also used to identify and study the behavior of endangered species and other animals. These cameras are also used in interviews, documentaries, movies, and also in reality shows.

A surveillance camera is really a savior; it has done far more good than harm. Apart from privacy breach, surveillance camera are good tidings, they have really helped in our day to day activities. We can now go to places like the shopping malls, banks, and movies with a rest of mind having the full confidence of security. Our children now feel more comfortable staying and learning in school because they know no harm can come near them as the entire premises of the school is being watched closely for any security breach.

What more can we expect from such a technology? Surveillance camera has been a savior on its own! Thanks to many reliable cybersecurity companies like Hikvision that are always on their toes to make sure we get the most out of this technology.