The drying rack is a product that somehow transcends time. It comes from the early days when clothes were washed manually and dried using a wringer. On good drying days clothes would be hung outside on the clothes line. Each home had special poles installed at the back of the house, the clothes line was stretched from pole to pole.

clothes rack singapore today take the place of that old-fashioned washing. Simply allowing the clothes to dry naturally aided by special features. They come in various shapes, types and sizes, and are easy to install to make better use of the available space. Building a natural drying system extends the life of your clothes. This can easily be achieved using wall mounted drying racks. Especially when you mount one about the other, about a metre or two apart, then you have a double-decker natural drying system. After drying they can be retracted or pushed back into their own wall box, in a fabulous manner adding more style to the room.

The introduction and implementation of a laundry rack system is one of the most significant factors in contributing to a stress free laundry cycle. It makes use of technology that helps reduce stress, time and laundromat fees. With a range of indoor and outdoor dryers to choose from plus bathroom, kitchen, wall and floor standing models, the difference is quite marked between clothes dried naturally on a laundry rack to those in a tumble dryer or other dryers. A tumble dryer quickly reduces the quality of your clothes and speeds up their decline. Whereas with an automated laundry rack, the end product is just as new as ever, the smell is” nature fresh” without the overheating common in tumble driers and of course without loss of fluff which is the fibre of the clothes. The laundry rack introduces us to a natural extension to the washing cycle. No more separating loads for drying. No more constant loading and unloading. Now you simply hang the laundry on the clothes airer and walk away. This enables the clothes rack to do its work.

Laundry racks are one of the best-kept secrets in the laundry room. Why – because dirty laundry is not a topic of after dinner conversations. So only a few enlightened people know clothes drying racks are truly an idea whose time has come. Become enlightened – buy a clothes rack singapore today.