Have you ever wondered how amazing it would be if you could just lose 10-15 pounds or be able to fit into that sexy size 6 dazzling dress with just a snap of your finger? well we all know that is not going to happen unless of course if you happen to be really close to a professional magician. But just like the most of us who do not have that luxury and would love to just get rid of that nasty weight quickly, the 3 day tuna diet is definitely the next best thing for you. Yes my friends if you have already heard about it and know the wonders it can do, do not get too excited just yet. Why? Because just like anything else, you need to know certain facts and useful information before embarking on such a diet. So lets find out the truth about 3 day tuna diet.

Even though the 3 day tuna diet is increasing in popularity, Very so often because of the short duration of the 3 day tuna diet, it tends to mislead people into thinking there are no health risks involved. Whereas this is not the case because with such a low calorie diet, it can often cause havoc on your metabolism in the body in a negative manner. What this means is that an individual coming off or just finishing a 3 day tuna diet, could be setting themselves up for an even bigger weight gain due to the havoc cause on the metabolism rate of the body and this in turn could lead you to put on more weight than the weight you got rid off with the 3 day tuna diet.

The main problem and probably one of the most concerning ill effects of this diet is that it is basically as good as a starvation diet. This means the body goes into starvation mode within just the first day due to extremely low calorie intake. With a diet like the 3 day tuna diet, an individual would only consume 979 calorie throughout the day ad this is dangerously low for the body to function under such low amounts of calories (energy).

An individual would start to feel the effects of starvation very soon after starting the 3 day tuna diet How would an individual know if it is starting to go into starvation mode? Well its simple just look out for symptoms such as restlessness, feeling weak feeling colder than usual at night, hallucinations about food in front of you when in actually fact there isn’t any or suddenly not being able to maintain your normal active lifestyle. Do not be fooled by the 3 day tuna diet which makes it seem like it would be only a 3 day diet when in fact an individual would keep going on and off it for the entire month.

The majority of the food portions that is recommended when going on a 3 day tuna diet is mostly very unbalanced making it unhealthy for consumption in the long run. The reason is because your weight loss would be just temporary and last a short while. Consider for example, during your 3 day tuna diet your dinner might be, small portions of fish and chicken, a little butter, some fruits and vegetables and for some reason suddenly you consume chocolates at the end of the day which would result is a massively unhealthy choice of daily diet.

In the 3 day tuna diet, the majority of the food portion over the 3 days would consist of mostly refined carbohydrates which have very limited nutritional value. This would result in you wanting to eat more and more as your craving for food increases. Reason this happens is because of a little thing called insulin in the body which increases as we consume more refined carbohydrates during the 3 day tuna diet.

You would most definitely be craving for food badly if and when you decide to go on a low calorie diet such as this. Making it through 3 days without eating anything unhealthy is only 1/2 the war, because the other 1/2 comes from continuing that trend or at least avoiding many unhealthy foods such as burgers and pizzas during the remaining 4 days of the week. Most people who end up getting their 3 day tuna diet completed feel happy and reward themselves with a hearty fatty meal on the other 4 remainder days of the week because they are free to eat what they want. So if you are going to do that then it would make the 3 day tuna diet pointless in the first place. Studies and tests have been done since 1970s and it clearly has shown that an average person on diet will eventually gain from 7 to 8 pounds during the weeks after they have successfully finished with their 3 day tuna diet. That is the sad truth about 3 day tuna diet.

Like most things in life, where there is a good side there somehow always be a bad side. Many takikomi gohan recipe diets have the right and good aim of helping people in their struggle with weight loss and then there are some other diets that just mainly concentrates on getting rid of the healthy food and energy(calorie) we need in our body. The truth about 3 day tuna diet is no doubt a good diet for the short term but remember people in the long run, with a takikomi gohan recipe diet such as this you will eventually be adding back the weight you got rid of through so much starvation and even more.