The most common fitness goal that I know of, is the loss of weight. Everyone wants to lose weight so they can ‘fit’ in their favourite pair of jeans and have a body they can proudly show off at the beach.

I can understand where they are coming from, but this goal is… well… FLAWED! What you REALLY want is to lose FAT… not WEIGHT. Muscle has weight, in fact it weighs more than fat, is that what you want to lose? I don’t think so.

I give advice to a lot of people who want to trim down, yet some of them come back to me, screaming how they weigh MORE then they used to.

So then I ask them, forget the digital weight scale, how do you look in the mirror? Well if they followed my advice to a “T” they usually look a lot better.

What happens is that they increase their muscle mass and decresed their fat stores, and since muscle weighs MORE than fat, their net weight goes UP… but they look ALOT better.

Not only that, they FEEL a lot better…

So if you want a trim and tone body, realize that you may end up weighing slightly MORE than you do right now… and as long as that’s muscle mass, its a GOOD thing.

So remember this the next time you step on the digital weight scale, the number that its showing you does not have as much value as you THINK it does. Nobody can estimate your weight, but they can estimate if your body LOOKS healthy or not, and the only way to do that yourself is to use a mirror.