An upper eyelid lacking excessive fat and skin and one with a well defined crease is considered desirable by many. A defined crease makes the eye appear bigger and more youthful and draws more attention.

However, many Asians are born with weak creases above their eyes. Rather, their upper eyelids are heavier and appear puffier than they’d like. Even when a crease is present, it is generally located closer to the eyelashes than preferred.

Asian skin types are also more prone to bagginess at a young age. It is for this reason that many Asians are seeking double eyelid surgery, a plastic surgery procedure commonly referred to as Asian eyelid surgery.

A double eyelid surgery creates a well defined crease in the “Asian eye” by either the incisional method or the suture technique. The common name is misleading, as anyone of any race with weak or uneven eyelid creases may be a good candidate for the plastic surgery procedure.

The procedure is aimed at restructuring the shape and position of the fold of an eyelid. There are two methods of the surgery that are commonly used today: the incision and suture techniques. Most plastic surgeons prefer the incisional method.

During this procedure, the patient is given local anesthesia so that they are still able to open and close the eyes on command. This helps the doctor locate the best position for the future crease definition. After anesthetizing the patient, the doctor makes an incision in the lid using a scalpel rather than a laser to minimize scarring.

Usually a small strip of skin above the initial incision is removed using scissors, but in some cases no skin is removed. The incision is then made deeper through the orbicularis muscle and the orbital septum. Small strips of the orbicularis muscle and orbital septum are removed and in some instances, portions of the underlying fat are removed.

These tissues are sutured together and it is the healing and reconnecting of the cut tissues that result in a new and more defined crease. This method is permanent and yields dramatic results. It is however, a more difficult procedure and should only be performed by a licensed plastic surgeon experienced in double eyelid surgery singapore.

The other method, the suture technique is often performed by less experienced surgeons and referred to as the “quick double eyelid surgery” because it takes only 15 minutes. During this procedure, permanent sutures are inserted into the eyelid through small incisions made in the front and back of the lid.

Essentially, the surgeon pulls the lid to a higher position and staples it into place, causing an indentation that resembles a crease. This procedure is much less invasive and costs significantly less, but the results are less dramatic and far from permanent.

Over a short period of time, the suture weakens and the crease disappears. Often times, the sutures above one eye weakens before the suture over the other eye resulting in an imbalanced look and may require undergoing another round of double eyelid surgery singapore.