What are the advantages of train control system of your model trains over DC control?

When operating a model railway, you want optimum operation and control over your locomotives. The Digital Command Control (DCC) system revolutionizes the way model railways are operated.

While previous operational systems have only allowed the user to control separate stretches of track, DCC gives control of individual locomotives, adding a whole new aspect of reality to model trains and increasing enjoyment levels no end!

With the original DC powered model railways, the user could only control sections of the track. Therefore all trains running on that piece of track would move the same way, rather than moving individually.

Apart from being hard to control, the DC system was outdated and only appropriate for simple tracks. If you were interested in expanding your model train layout or aiming to control your trains more realistically, there were severe limitations.

Whereas DC controlled trains were hard to control and limited by lack of technology, the DCC system offers a new spectrum of advancements.

For instance, many locomotives can be operated on one track and have completely separate controls, which include direction, speed, lighting, sound and smoke.

The cost might be higher but the extra enjoyment is well and truly worth it!

More realistic and impressive, DCC is an advancement that towers over the old DC system of control. It is the only system now used by serious model railroaders and is much preferred, even by model train beginners.

Being able to expand your model railroad and add in more complex sections of track and locomotives with more functionality is irresistible. The DCC control system has basically quadrupled the fun of building model train layouts and maintaining model railways.

The DCC control system can also be used on large scale model trains.

Collectors with outdoor sets and locomotives can enjoy professional control over their system. DCC allows you to appreciate the optimum performance of your model trains.

There is no comparison between the old DC system and new Digital Command Control.

While there is no comparison between the performance and opportunities presented by DCC and the old DC system, the new comes from the old.

It is a new form of the original DC signal, sent out on the rails. Each locomotive has an installed decoder that translates the signal and follows the operator’s controls.

You can have over 100 model trains operating on one set, if you so wish, and have each controlled separately. It’s as close as you can get to the real thing!

Overall, Digital Command Control is a technological breakthrough for model train collectors.

The same modern system used by real trains is now replicated in miniature, allowing collectors full enjoyment of their hobby and providing new opportunities to increase the scale and complexity of model railroad sets.

Although DC powered systems had their time, there is no looking back from the introduction of DCC.

Recommended for every model railroad, from beginner to veteran, the train control system is in a league of its own when it comes to control systems for your model train set.