The process of breast fat transfer has been used for decades and is based on a simple principle. The surgeon takes a quantity of fat from the body of the patient, processes it and then injects it into areas that require correction of volume. Excess fat is usually extracted from places such as abdomen and thighs. In addition to improving the size and shape of the breasts, fat transfer can also be used for treating deep facial wrinkles, being usually associated with a very high rate of success.

Before scheduling the fat transfer to breast singapore intervention, you should firstly check whether you are an ideal patient for the intervention. The main requirement is related to the existence of a donor area, from which excessive fat can be extracted. If the surgeon cannot locate such an area of your body, you will have to postpone the intervention.

The breast fat transfer procedure is generally performed under local anesthesia and mild intravenous sedation, being completely painless. After harvesting fat from the abdominal region, thighs or buttocks, the doctor will use some of the most advanced techniques to process and filter it. In the end, it will be introduced in the area to be corrected.

This technique of correcting the size or volume of breasts requires no special preoperative preparation or prior tests, being regarded as one of the easiest interventions. It does not even require general anesthesia and therefore all the risks associated with it are removed. What is more important, the results obtained with the breast fat transfer surgery are visible almost immediately and can even be enhanced by repeating the procedure after a few months.

Compared with other similar techniques, such as injections for correcting deep facial wrinkles or the ones with collagen, breast fat transfer poses no risk of substance rejection or allergy. This procedure will reshape the breasts, providing a more pleasant aspect and increasing the level of self confidence for every patient.

Finally, you should also know that the results obtained after the fat transfer to breast singapore intervention are visible after 24-48 hours from the moment of the surgery. However, during this period you might experience moderate swelling and even symptoms of dizziness. These complications are normal and are not harmful at all. However, if you notice anything suspicious during the recovery period, you should get in touch with the surgeon who performed the operation in the shortest time.