There are basically 3 common techniques used for facial mole removal

1. Mole removal surgery
2. Laser removal treatment
3. Natural mole removal technique

While many will ask which technique is the best for mole removal singapore. Well, there is apparently no definite answer for the best removal technique. The technique used is very much depending on several factors. You need to understand the pros and cons of each removal technique before you can decide what works best for your facial mole.

The Surgery Treatment

The type of mole will usually decide whether removal surgery is indeed necessary. If the mole is found malignant, then it must be removed surgically in order to get rid of all the cancerous cells. However for most benign moles, this surgery procedure is not needed.

Though it is possible to remove benign mole with surgery procedure, it is normally not advisable due to the pain one has to endure as well as the costly medical fees involved. The average cost for the removal of a facial mole ranges between $150 – $300. Another downside of removal surgery is the possible scarring. After-care is important to prevent infection, which might lead to scar forming.

Laser Treatment
The second common technique used to get rid of this imperfection of skin is with laser treatment. The good thing about laser mole treatment is that scarring is rare, as laser treatment does not involve stitches and sutures. However, this technique is not suitable for removing deep moles, as the laser beam cannot penetrate deep enough to treat the moles.

A major problem with laser treatment is the cost. Typically a minimum of 3 treatments is required to remove a mole and the price varies from $50 – $400 per treatment per mole. This can become very costly for the removal of facial mole.

Natural Home Remedy

This is definitely my preferred method to get rid of unwanted moles as this can be done at the comfort of your home and the price is relatively cheap. This method involves little to no pain and the herbs used in these natural remedies are said to be more effective.

Scarring is possible with this method, but it can be avoided by following the instructions carefully. Natural mole remedy products include over-the-counter cream, home remedies like apple cider vinegar, garlic, cumin seeds, Castor oil and baking soda, etc.

My conclusion to this when comes to choosing a facial mole removal technique is to consider the following
1. Type of mole
2. Cost involved
3. Pain factor
4. Scarring issue
5. Convenience factor

For malignant moles, you have no choice except to go for mole removal singapore.
For benign skin moles, you have 2 options: laser mole removal or natural mole removal.