Are you looking for an ideal blood pressure readings? You just came to the right place. Let me tell you more about what type of monitor is the right one for you.

You see, monitors come in different shapes and sizes, Technology also varies. If you go to the market right now and see what they have to offer you, you will surely be left confused as to what to choose. This is why you need to know more about what to choose.

Digital or Aneroid
If you have no idea how to accurately get your BP, better stick to the digital ones. The aneroid ones use the old technology. The arrow will point the level of the pressure of your blood. It is easier to use the digital one. For this, it will already tell you the measurement in digital numbers.

If you do decide to choose this one, make sure it has complete functions. There should be an IntelliSense feature. This feature will help you know if you have positioned the cuff correctly. If you have placed it in the wrong way, the gadget will automatically inflate it to the correct position.

You should also look for additional features such as an alarm system or a color coded system. The color coded system is particularly helpful because it will show what stage your blood pressure is in. A particular color is given to hypertension, prehypertension and normal pressure of blood.

Wrist, Upper Arm or Finger Monitor
You can choose from upper arm, wrist and finger monitors. The most reliable ones are the upper arm monitors. In this, you place the cuff around your upper arm where it can detect the pressure of your blood easily.

A wrist monitor is the next reliable blood pressure readings. In this, the cuff is placed around your wrist. Some experts do not think this provides accurate measurements. If you get a good and reliable brand, this should not be a problem.

The last one you should be looking for is a finger monitor. It does not provide accurate results. It is a good thing not too many of these are out in the market.

Your best option is to go for a digital upper arm monitor complete with automatic functions. Make sure you pick a good brand like Omron, Panasonic or Lifesource. Read reviews from people who have tried so it will clue you up on whether or not they are accurate.