Embedded Switch Mode Power Supplies (SMPS), also known as switched mode power supply is an electronic power supply unit (PSU) that makes use of a switching regulator. SMPS alternates power transistors between cutoff and saturation.

Types of switched mode power supplies

The supplies can be categorized into three broad categories: non-isolated topologies, isolated topologies, and zero-voltage switch.

Non-isolated topologies

These are the simplest and store their energy in a single inductor. They are of many types with the common ones being:

Buck: current is continuous at output

Boost: current is continuous at input

Buck-boost: current is discontinuous at both the input and output

Charge pump: no magnetic energy storage is needed to achieve conversion; however, high efficiency power processing is normally limited to a discrete set of conversion ratios.

Isolated topologies

Includes a transformer and have the ability of producing an output of higher or lower voltage than the input by simply adjusting the turn ratio. There are many types of these topologies which include:

Flyback: it stores energy in mutual inductors. It’s an isolated form of the buck-boost converter.

Resonant forward: it stores energy in the inductor and capacitor. It’s characterized by a single rail input, high efficiency, unregulated output and low EMI.

Ringing choke converter (RCC): it stores energy in the transformer and its characterized by a low cost self-oscillating fly back variant.

Zero-voltage switch

Here each switch cycle delivers a quantized “packet” of energy to the converter output. The switch turn-on and turn-off occurs at zero current and voltage resulting in an essentially lossless switch.

This switch reduces the EMI in two methods:

By switching when a valley is detected. Here a natural frequency jitter is introduced and spread to the RF emission spectrum thus reducing the overall EMI.

By switching the bipolar switch when the voltage is at a minimum. This minimizes the hard switching effect that causes EMI.

Advantages of SMPS

There are many advantages that come with SMPS. One of the advantages is that it brings about better efficiency as the alternating transistor dissipates very little power in both the “on” and “off” states.

The power supply units are much lighter thus you can easily carry them.


This is what you need to know about Embedded Switch Mode Power Supplies (SMPS). When buying the units always ensure that you buy original products that will last for a long time. This calls for you to only buy from reputable sellers.