As a council you have to basically operate like a business that doesn’t have any paying customers. Also, your ‘customers’ can fire you. Keeping your job on a town council and providing a great network of governance for your constituents is a 24/7 job. In the 21st century, it’s never been easier to stay connected with your constituents, and it’s never been more time consuming.

In the past, you could just give a couple of speeches and hold a couple of town halls; journalists at the local newspaper would handle all the dissemination of information for you. That’s not the case anymore. You have to stay in constant contact with your constituents who expect you to have a robust and responsive online presence. Their tax dollars are paying for everything you do, so it’s pretty understandable that they want to know what you’re doing.

A Specially Designed Website

Your first consideration is going to be finding a website design firm that specialises in town councils and parishes. The needs of a town government are going to be different from the needs of a business or a private retailer. Website design companies that specialise in business might be able to produce an adequate website, but it won’t do all the things you need it to do.

A specially designed council website, such as one from, is going to be optimised for use by town and parish councils. That includes committees with minutes and notes recorded. They’ll also include customisable and updateable calendars, so all approved councilmembers can add items to the agenda. You’ll want to be able to keep your constituents up to date on what’s going on as well; to that end, a well-designed website should have a news feature that constantly updates with new information.

You’ll also need unlimited email accounts so that all of the councilmembers and their staff can have emails related to the town council website.

An Attractive Website

It almost goes without saying, but your website needs to be attractive and easy to use. Your constituents want to be able to go on the site and find the information they need. That means they want to be able to find their relevant council members, get news updates on their town, and get in contact with someone easily. Those who aren’t from your town might be planning to visit. When someone is planning to visit your town, they’ll likely check your website first.

The old adage says that you don’t get a second chance at a first impression. Your website will be the first impression your town makes on a lot of people. You should make it a good first impression.

That good impression means you should have a website that is constantly up to date, sleek, and easy to navigate. A website design firm needs to be well-versed in the latest trends and technology in website design. Just like any other field, certain methods become outdated very quickly. Nothing turns people off like an outdated website.