Unlocking is a very popular topic among Apple users. Be it any of the Apples’ products, unlocking it is one of the most important as well as useful thing for the user. Unlocking is basically done to any of the locked device and serves to be advantageous if done properly.

Unlocking Your iPhone and iPad

What is a locked iPhone?

A locked iPhone is nothing but an iPhone that has been locked by the service provider in such a way that you can’t use a SIM-card of any other carrier unless and until your iPhone will be unlocked. This means, you have you to use the same carrier every time you wish to make a call or turn on your data. You cannot switch to any other carrier, if you wish to use the same phone. However, unlocking can make everything happen.

What is a locked iPhone

What is unlocking and is it legal?

Apple basically stores the IMEI number of your device in their database, if it is a factory unlocked device. Factory unlocked means that you bought the device from Apple at a full cost and not from any carrier company at a subsidized cost. Once the IMEI number gets stored in their database, you can access the store and get the updates on your phone.

However, the IMEI of a carrier locked device is not stored by Apple. Service providers lock your phone using a pass-code called a master subsidy lock, which prevents you from using iPhone’s programming menu and thus using the same phone on any other network.

IMEI number gets

By unlocking your iPhone, the IMEI number, which is unique to every device gets stored in the Apples’ database and it is considered a factory unlocked set. Unlocking your iPhone is totally legal once the contract period is over.

Advantages of unlocking

The major advantages of unlocking your iPhone include choosing your carrier and official firmware updates.

  • Choosing the carrier – Once your iPhone is unlocked, you are free to use any network. Suppose you travel to a different country and the same carrier doesn’t provide any service over there you can simply switch to a different carrier without any hassle. Next benefit of changing the carrier is that if the other carrier looks cheaper to you then you can switch to them. Choosing the carrier of your choice is no longer an issue.
  • Updates and upgrades – Second advantage of unlocking your iPhone are the iOS updates and upgrades. Once unlocked you can directly download any update on your iPhone from the Apples’ server and can choose between the different versions. If your iPhone is locked then you have to wait for the service provider to release the update for your device, then only your iPhone can be updated.

Advantages of unlocking

IPhone is not the only gadget that can be unlocked. Any of the iPad or iPod can be unlocked too since they also support carrier as they have the cellular versions, which uses SIM-card to turn on the data. Any of them can be unlocked using proper software and can be used on any network thereafter.

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