When you open File Explorer in Windows 10, it defaults to a new Quick Access view that shows your most frequently accessed folders and recently viewed files. I love it, personally, but if you’d rather File Explorer defaulted to the “This PC” view found in Windows 8, here’s how. OneDrive Files on Demand resurrects Windows 8.1’s “placeholder” feature for the cloud storage service baked into Windows 10.

  • There are various data download here destruction software you can use to wipe a corrupt hard drive and attempt its fixing.
  • Firstly, you can try the steps below to enter Windows or safe mode.
  • If you can boot into your Windows OS, then a GUI rich disk wiping software would be easier to use.
  • Now, if the inbuilt Windows tools can’t help you then third-party disk wiping tools are your only rescue in the process to fix hard drive.
  • Then you need to check and repair disk errors or disable the “scanning and repairing drive” on booting.
  • If not, you can disable the annoying “scanning and repairing drive” CHKDSK on booting.

With Windows 10’s per-app GPU management, you can manually tell the system to stick to the more power-efficient option for games that don’t need the extra oomph. Introduced in the Windows 10 May 2019 Update, Windows Sandbox makes it easy to test unknown software and websites in a safe environment. The feature basically creates a virtualized second copy of Windows within Windows where you can run untrusted tasks, firewalled from your main installation. If things go pear-shaped, just nuke the virtual PC and start anew. And if a file checks out, you can move it out of quarantine and copy it over to Windows 10 proper. The May 2020 Update adds the ability to enable networking and your PC’s GPU within Sandbox, and even a shared folder between Sandbox and your PC’s desktop, if you don’t mind the increased threat risk. This even syncs across devices, so it could be especially useful if you use multiple PCs.

OneDrive Files on Demand shows all of the files you have stored in OneDrive in a folder on your PC, but they’re just pointers synced with the cloud—not actually files installed on your PC. You can select which files and folders to make available locally. The Windows 10 April 2018 Update added the ability to tell Windows which graphics hardware—discrete or integrated—to use when you open specific apps. It sounds niche, but the feature could prove pretty helpful if you’ve got a gaming laptop and want it to last longer. By default, booting up a game switches over to discrete graphics, which use a lot more energy than the graphics cores integrated in Intel chips and AMD Ryzen APUs. But a lot of indie and retro games play just fine on integrated graphics.

It will appear as if hosts are able to mute or unmute web app attendees who are connected to the audio broadcast, even those users who do not have the ability to speak. Sometimes, when several applications are open on Windows 10, not all open application windows will appear in the Share Application selection menu. We recommend closing unnecessary windows and trying again, or using the Share Screen option instead.

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It’s always been able to take screenshots or videos of gameplay clips, but it also offers easy-peasy Beam game streaming and the intriguing Game Mode. Better yet, the May 2019 Update transformed it into a full blown overlay that does stuff no rivals offer. It’s great, and the May 2020 Update added more helpful features in the form of a frame rate counter and GPU temperature monitoring. Windows 10’s constantly evolving nature means fresh features arrive twice per year, most recently via the October 2020 Update.

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With all the new goodies come a legion of new tweaks and tricks—some of which unlock powerful functionality hidden to everyday users. Others simply let you mold the Windows 10 experience into the shape you see fit. Here are some of the most useful tweaks, tricks, and tips we’ve found over Windows 10’s many iterations. Windows stores many important settings in hidden files and folders.

The Game Bar’s handy even if you don’t actually play, as it can be used to record video of any app—not just games. Windows 10 also has a dedicated Gaming section in its Start menu Settings to let you tinker with options, including Xbox networking and parental controls. If you’re into playing around on your PC, Windows 10’s Game Bar—summoned by pressing Windows + G in-game—holds all sorts of nifty extras.