Bingo is almost unique in its universal appeal to people of all ages. Possibly the most played game in the world, its appeal continues to grow as every generation enjoys the latest version of this simple yet exciting game.

Far from its original roots in Italy as a simple game played with wooden tiles and an actual person calling out the numbers – today’s bingo game, especially on a mobile bingo app, provides a rich entertainment experience for all players to enjoy.

Why is bingo so popular?

Some of the key reasons for bingo’s continued and growing success over the centuries make it one of the most compelling games to play. Bingo is primarily social; it was often played in small groups in villages and also organized to raise funds for local charities, and often still is.

The social aspect became so embedded in culture that old fashioned bingo halls became as much a part of the local community landscape as any other place, such as schools and post offices.

From its deeply social place in culture, bingo’s first foray into the online world in the mid-90s was somewhat of a disappointment as most of the games still held true to the basic mechanics of the game, but the versions were primitive, although fully functional. But by the end of the decade, most of the large UK bingo operators had already established their bingo sites and were offering basic versions of the game for those who wanted to play online.

The next step

However, what happened next brought bingo almost full circle and transformed it once more into the most popular game played across the world. The advent of smartphones, touch-screen technology and high quality video available on mobile phones gave birth to the modern online bingo experience.

Basic screen displays were replaced by interactive graphic-rich presentations, including game hosts, chat room features, and a world of special themed bingo games to cater for all tastes and trends.

Bingo players could now log on anywhere using their mobile phone, tablet or computer and enjoy not only the excitement of possibly winning a lot of cash for a small deposit, but the social element of bingo was now also strongly integrated once more into the game, with players being able to chat with each other no matter which part of the world they were located in, and virtual bingo hosts kept things moving along at cracking pace. Overall the experience was now something more akin to a bustling bingo hall of the 20th century – yet much more convenient – and it had become global.

Bingo still hits all the spots

Bingo is unique in that it satisfies almost all our basic needs – the opportunity to win big but spend small, interact with others, and be entertained by humorous personalities (hosts) and additional games, and it this that will ensure that bingo continues to be one of the most popular games in the world for many years, and possibly generations to come.