LG’s Shine number of cell phones are designer phones built around individuals who want their phones to create a fashion statement, and appear awesome. Based from the Chocolate phone of two seasons ago, the Shine (and also the Shine Titanium, a refinement from it) are fashion statement slider-phones with excellent cameras, and decent multimedia abilities.

The unit is flat, a little wide to slot in the pocket of jeans, but quite sharp searching overall. Whenever you whip it, it’ll attract attention. The black titanium finish works more effectively compared to original Shine’s mirror gloss, and is a fairly bezel and offset for that stunning – so we imply that literally – display. This really is, certainly, probably the most impressive 240×320 pixel display we have seen. It’s color resolution rivaling many top end television systems, although it does come in a cost – the display, even without backlight, eats battery existence like no one’s business. We never got 80% of LG’s stated standby and talk occasions.

Regrettably, everything fashion around the appearance comes at the expense of usability. The peculiar center bar and side buttons employed for moving the touchscreen takes some serious becoming accustomed to the energy switch is within a strange place, and also the talk and finish call buttons require the phone be slid as much as use. Although some would state that for any phone this beautiful, nobody should care, we are a little more traditional, and figure that the phone ought to be helpful to make phone calls, first of all.

The majority of the Shine Titanium’s features are the same to the prior version because the Shine. It’s a great calendaring application, and a very good contacts management system. We found the noisy alarms to become disappointing, simply because of the basically sufficient feature phone. The phone’s camera functions are fantastic, and are true major benefit here. Whilst not exactly a wise phone, the Shine Titanium is really a solid multimedia platform, if the uninspiring one, save for videos.

It may handle the conventional gamut of digital audio recordings, so you do not need a music player with this particular in your belt (but be familiar with the warning on battery existence pointed out earlier. Video display is great, although the limited storage capacity is really a limit. The actual limit is battery existence once more.

Ultimately, the Shine is a great “casual person’s smartphone” for that image conscious, and our wise-phone savvy review staff thought it was a little limiting. That being stated, for individuals that do not wish they’d a laptop they could shove within their pockets, it’s greater than sufficient. It’s gorgeous and it has enough multimedia features to manage, which, possibly, is that it must be.

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