Magento has established itself as one of the most leading e-commerce platforms. More than 200,000 businessmen may be retailers or small start-ups have been using it. Magento was officially launched in 2008. It quickly gained the attention of developers and went on to become one of the biggest open source e-commerce platforms on the market. In 2011, it was acquired by eBay. For people who are about to start any online venture, Magento can be very helpful. The positive point of Magento are that it is easy to use, supports lot of stuff, it is flexible in nature, has SEO advantage, supported in mobile and supports Google services.

Magento e-commerce platform is very popular among the Magento development experts for the following reasons:

Develops delight – At any point in time when an online venture becomes highly successful, it has to upgrade its online business portal. At this point, the developers have to work to meet increasing demands. Here the Magento has the advantage as it lets the developers add and change lots of features. All these improvements can be done very easily and in less time. Saving time in upgrading means more business for any business owner.

Achievements Online Venture

Shopping and paying – When the online ventures start becoming successful it can lead to more crowd at the site. Magento has the feature of integrated carts through which the customers can accumulate the things they want to purchase. For pleasant shopping experience of customers, Magento shopping cart provides step by step instructions. The customers are also given the choice of choosing, comparing various products and then pay by choosing from almost fifty payment gateways.

Great features – The typical feature which makes Magento popular is facilitating layered navigation, advanced search, wish lists, favorites, multi-store feature, email list, product comparisons and grouped products. It can support content management for static pages. It enables SEO performance. These features are great for beginners looking to go into online venturing.

Greater flexibility – It has greater flexibility as compared to some of its competitors. It can be suitable for all types of business owners, be it small or big businesses. Magento offers different versions to different customers depending on their requirements.

Magento Enterprise is the premium version which has more functionality. This is aimed at enterprise level retailers. This is expensive and may not be advised for the small or middle levels of businessmen.

Magento Community is the most widely used one. This version has lots of functionalities and is considered to be suitable for most of the retailers. .

Magento Go is the version which suits to smaller business owners. The demerit of it is that later it cannot be upgraded.

SEO benefit – ‘Magento SEO’ is capable of solving multiple numbers of issues as it allows for better optimization of the e-commerce site. Its page traffic, duplicate content, landing page, indexing, etc are very helpful for efficiently managing a website.

In fact being open source Magento will evolve more in the future to meet any needs. The people who are into online ventures should be ready to embrace any changes in Magento which will lead to more success in their business.