If you want to become a successful engineer then you must have given BITSAT or you are planning on giving BITSAT 2016 exam. Well BITSAT abbreviated for Birla Institute of Technology Engineering Entrance exam is an examination conducted by a well reputed private organisation named BITS or BITS Pilani abbreviated form of Birla Institute of Technology Engineering Entrance exam. It is considered as one of the top most private organisations which offers B. Tech and B.E. undergraduate courses for class 12th passed students.

If you couldn’t secure a good rank in JEE Mains to get into a well reputed organisation for your undergraduate degree you don’t have to worry because BITS Pilani offers a very good package after you become a graduate and also it comes under India’s top colleges for engineering. For appearing in this exam you need be get at least an aggregate of 75% in physics, chemistry and mathematics or biology or biotechnology as well as you need to have 60% in all the above mentioned subjects individually in class 12th C.B.S.E. Board or any equivalent board otherwise you won’t be able to get into BITS Pilani. So if you are preparing for it, prepare accordingly.

So this year BITS was conducted on 14th May 2016 and the exams continued till 28th may 2016 for getting admission in various courses it offers.

Review on BITSAT 2016

Basically, all the students who appeared in BITSAT and as well as in JEE Mains found BITSAT easier. The difficulty level of it was moderate. As what all have expected this year was physics being the toucher among all of the other subjects, wasn’t just the case. Candidates who appeared this year, found Physics being moderate and maths being the toughest among all of them.

The exam patter of BITSAT is:

  1. 45 questions of mathematics.
  2. 40 questions of physics.
  3. 40 questions of chemistry.
  4. Lastly, 25 total questions of English Proficiency and Logical Reasoning (15 questions and 10 questions respectively).

This sums up to 150 questions. The students who are able to complete all the questions within 180 allotted minutes can solve some additional 12 question (4 questions of each physics, chemistry and maths) within those 180 minutes.

This year mathematics was toughest out of all the other subjects which included some tricky and lengthy questions. There were 25 questions from class 11th and 20 questions from class 12th. Almost all the part of maths were covered. There were questions from trigonometry to algebra.

Physics was moderate this year. With almost equal questions from both class 12th and class 11th. There was 21 question from class 12th and 19 from class 11th. Mainly the questions were asked from light, energy and sound.

English proficiency section had 15 questions which mainly dealt with synonyms and tested your vocabulary. For attempting this section you must have a good command over English. Logical reasoning has 10 questions which were a bit twisted.

Chemistry was the easiest among all the sections. It mainly had Organic Chemistry which is quiet easy to memorise and if know it you won’t waste even a second. This section took the least time for candidates to complete. The questions were direct with less calculation.