Video and Camera Mobile Phones are the latest devices within the personal tech world. But they don’t come without both advantages and disadvantages for society. For example if some is carrying out a criminal offense a teen could possibly get an image of the license plates. But another teen would use it unwisely to consider an image of the girl up her skirt without her understanding. Or perhaps a criminal would use it to photograph your charge card inside a store and steal the amount and employ it for id theft?

On Congressman is presenting an invoice and wishing to create a law against using fraxel treatments in almost any criminal act. It’s interesting that political figures would create legal penalties to be used of technology inside a crime once the crime has already been illegal. It sometimes appears in my experience these podium pusher congress are scoundrels, as each time someone comes with an problem they fully stand up and claim they will solve the issue by looking into making another law.

Like after 9-11 one Congressman from IL stated the dumbest factor he stated we want legislation to stop this from ever happening again and that he suggested that flying a plane right into a building by Worldwide Terrorists be produced illegal! I possibly could not believe things i was hearing, it’s already illegal to hijack an airplane and also the FAA states you have to park aircraft at aviation facilities which would preclude parking it right into a building and killing innocent people. As well as Worldwide Functions of Terrorism happen to be illegal?

Technology may be used in negative and positive ways and something think tanker within an online think tank mentioned “The very best technologies are always mistreated by a few, and at the same time utilized by the military for weapons development, such is human instinct.”

Indeed and that i want the most effective technologies in my troops in the current internet-centric battlespace. But additionally you will find different ways technologies are introduced towards the forefront Entertainment is a such instance, medicine and necessity being another.

For example Virtual Reality, graphics, movie special affects, super high-tech jetskis, racing, new ipod device, sports gear. And medicine you will find numerous good examples. Necessity well exploits in p-salination, floating metropolitan areas, etc. Although when i began considering it the majority of the ones I emerged with for medicine, space, entertainment and necessity as well as communication such as the Internet counseled me born of military hands me lower, transfer technologies, which means you point is definitely well taken. Consider all of this in the year 2006.

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